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Special Offer* to all
Convendum Members 

We are happy to offer you a Competitors Market Analysis when ordering any of our services below.

We are an independent full-service agency based in Stockholm that turns your business challenges into opportunities without ruining your budget. We create innovative strategies and sustainable, long-term communication and design concepts that will help your brand stand out and thrive. Our creative solutions are designed specifically for your needs, ensuring lasting results. ​We focus on delivering results rather than collecting awards.

Planning and Market Strategy

– Targeting the right audience

This is the essential base for targeting the right consumers or businesses and using your resources wisely. We provide a solid foundation for your success and growth, keeping you competitive.

Advertising Concepts

Driving your audience to action

We create an outstanding core idea that will shape your ad campaign, ensuring it is engaging and effective to your target group, and helping you reach your goals and sales.

Image by pmv chamara

Brand Identity

– for Powerful Brands 

Through comprehensive strategic work, we develop a consistent and strong brand identity that will make your brand stand out and keeping it as a top of mind choice. This work usually includes Brand Strategy, Visual Brand Identity, Art Direction, Graphic Design and culminates in a solid brand book — which is a detailed guide that defines for example your brand's visuals, tone of voice, your brand promise, logo, colors, fonts, etc.

PR & Paid Social

Strengthen relationships and build loyalty

Through our network, we provide strategic management of your brand's image and reputation. This includes crafting positive narratives, managing media relations, and engaging with your audience to build trust, credibility, and long-term customer relationships, both in real-time on social media and through traditional PR.

Contextual & Programmatic Advertising

High Impact Ad Formats

We will pinpoint and target your audience directly through powerful platforms. They create high reach and impressions with relevant ad placements, using personal data algorithms for maximum impact and engagement.

Generative AI

Videos, Images and Creative Language Models

We’ve integrated generative AI into our business, creating engaging content and building an extensive prompt library. We also offer consulting services to help you leverage generative AI effectively.

Fitness App

Web Development

Front-end- Back-end and UX Design

We will create and maintain websites with intuitive UI/UX design and optimization. Our specialists focus on increasing Digital Business Value by ensuring your site is visually appealing, user-friendly, and highly efficient, driving growth and attracting more visitors​.

Graphic Design & Final Artwork

Brochures, Magazines, Annual Reports, PPT Presentations, or Trade Show Materials.

We will deliver visually compelling designs using inspiring layout techniques and typography, resulting in Final Artwork (FA) ready for print or digital channels. We ensure your brand's message is engaging and polished across all platforms.


Motion Media
& Post Production

From short Reels to comprehensive Multi-channel Campaigns

We handle motion-related projects, from extensive multi-channel commercials to brand films, content creation, and smaller film projects. Our expertise ensures your message is dynamic and impactful, no matter the scale.

Want to know more or book a Workshop?

Lets talk!

Let´s take a Swedish "Fika", give us a buzz och simply drop us a line if you have any questions.


* The offer is valid only for Convendum Members, one per company, on one occasion until 31.09.2024. The Competitor Market Analysis will include between 5 - 20 competitors depending on the size and scope of the purchaser, a brief description of the competitors' brands, and any notable campaigns that are visible in the market.

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